• The FIRST and ONLY CHILDREN'S BOOK that uses custom photo stickers to tell your family stories! As each page is read, the child "sticks" photo stickers on the character's faces to complete the stories. Seventy-two custom photo stickers are included with each book after you upload two face photos with your order. These books are highly interactive, exceptionally connecting, and create lasting memories so young children will always remember their grandparents!

    INTERACTIVE. a new grandchild experience

    People CONNECT BY INTERACTING in meaningful experiences together...that's how memories are made! These books help young children interact with parents and grandparents. While the book is being read, the child "sticks" photo stickers of themselves and their grandparent on each character’s face to complete the stories! You create a special bond and unique memories that won't be forgotten!

    PRIVACY STATEMENT - We consider the images you submit as being personal to you. We will not share the images or your personal information with third parties except as needed to create your product or contact you on behalf of Sticking With Family®. We may retain the images for a period of time to facilitate the fact you may order additional products at a later date, but do not guarantee we will keep the images forever.

    A customer's story

    "I have the book A Fun Day With Grandma. I was visiting our 18 month old grandson and we read the book and applied our face stickers on the pages. Our grandson kept saying…. "Grandma, read more please!". During a two-week visit, he asked me to read this book to him over-and-over again everyday.

    I must have read the book 100 times because he kept asking for it to be read. Now that I am gone from his home, he "FaceTimes" me to read the book together. You won't be disappointed in the purchase and special bonding this book gives to you and your grandchild!" BARB L. - January 19, 2017

    Making photo stickers

    Use your own pictures to create your photo stickers! When ordering a book, upload two photos with our sticker editing tool. Then, we'll create 72 face stickers (included with book price) to send with your order. It's really simple!